This is meant as a disclosure of a situation that might be confusing or carry a conflict of interest. Starting Tuesday October 20th 2020, I will be joining for two months the COVID-19 contact tracing team of the Geneva Canton (at 30% FTE). This might conflict with my position as…

Digital technologies have vastly enhanced our capacities to interact with the world and each other. However these technologies also have many downsides. We focus here on the issue of maintaining trust in the digital world, as our online ecosystems evolve to include many more actors. …

Contact tracing graph in Geneva. Source:

Zeynep Tufekci just wrote a fantastic piece for The Atlantic on a statistical variable of high relevance to the COVID pandemic, and its implication for backward contact tracing.

Seriously, go read it.

I have been closely monitoring the literature on the topic since April, and curating it on Wikidata for…

Le 6 juillet, l’application SwissCovid a été reconfigurée. Dans ce bref article, j’explique ce changement, ses conséquences, et spécule sur ses motivations.

By Stephencdickson — Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Le changement

En termes techniques, le 6 juillet, les deux paramètres clés d’atténuation Bluetooth sont passés de (50 dB, 55 dB) à (53 dB, 60 db). Ceci est confirmé dans…

Paul-Olivier Dehaye

Mathematician. Co-founder of PersonalData.IO. Free society by bridging ideas. #bigdata and its #ethics, citizen science

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